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PostSubject: THA CARTER 3   THA CARTER 3 Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 12:57 pm

ok, as we all know, c3 leaked on friday n ever since the whole album leaked everyone has had so many questions, so I have decided to do some research myself on the whole situation n answer ur questions.wat leaked on friday was the whole album, as u all know DJ Chuck T was the man responsible, and the amazon tracklist confirms this was the whole album, and the fact is that wat we have takes up a whole CD, if their is a track missing it would be a 1-2 min track. As I was researching more, I came through the songs that did make the final cut of Tha Carter III, im really shocked but its the truth, heres the list of the cut tracks:

Beat The Block
Eat You Alive (feat. Ludacris)
Gotta Stunt
A Milli (Young Money Remix) (feat. Hurricane Chris, Tyga, Lil Mama & Cory Gunz)
Staring At The World
Good Girl Gone Bad
OG Status
Party Control (feat. Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado & Timbaland)

Now, this is from an unknown source(might be false), Itunes will soon release two bonus tracks off the album(hint:the cut tracks). The 1st of the 2 will be released Tuesday, June 3rd. I'm prediciting the tracks will be the a milli(young money remix) and good girl gone bad.I dnt think eat u alive will see the light of day anytime soon Sad . But, stay tuned u know im try keep everyone updated on this.
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